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Working Capital Ratio: What Is Considered a Good Ratio?

A high working turnover ratio is an indicator of the efficient utilization of the company’s short-term assets and liabilities to support sales. This means that the company is majorly depending on its working capital to generate revenues. A high ratio indicates that the company is making sales with very little investment. The more sales you […]

Best Trucking Accounting Software in 2023

Content How are you better than Quickbooks, Quicken, etc. or an accountant? Explore our Other Solutions How much does this tax software cost? Accounting Best Accounting Software for Hot Dog Carts and Food Trucks Factoring Invoices How To Choose Trucking Accounting Software The program’s features are easy to use, including integration with payroll services, a […]

IRS offers info on tax-free programs to help with student loan repayments

The lender must provide a reason should the loan application be denied. If the application is approved, both parties sign a contract that outlines the details of the agreement. The lender advances the proceeds of the loan, after which the borrower must repay the amount including any additional charges, such as interest. Unsecured loans usually […]

How to Choose an Online Bookkeeping Service as a Business-of-One

Content Best for Full-service Bookkeeping Bookkeeper360 What can I expect from your bookkeeping services? How much does a bookkeeping service cost? Automate Financial Tasks with Online Bookkeeping Ignite Spot Accounting Just like you won’t want to be friends with just anyone, you shouldn’t want to take on just anyone as a client. If you choose […]

Marginal cost and revenue: Formulas, definitions, and how-to guide

Content How to Calculate Marginal Cost: A Step-by-Step Guide Firm of the Future What Is the Formula for Marginal Cost? Is marginal cost the same as cost pricing? Economies of scale Factors that lead to increases How to Calculate Marginal Cost? There are two behaviors aspects that explain marginal cost behavior. First, the marginal cost […]

Hurricane Lee’s path and timeline: Meteorologists project when and where the storm may hit

Content Run your business with confidence Assumptions Before Starting Financial Projections for Startups Bullish vs. bearish investors: What’s the difference? The Ultimate Guide to Startup Financial Projections [Template Included] Diversify your investments The inputs to a startup’s financial model How financial forecasting works Our Existing Business Forecast Template will be perfect for you in this […]