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A lot of people in agile teams may explain things in a very technical way. Due to this, they would neglect elaborating on the ideas they have in mind so that everyone in the team can understand them. The facilitator is the one who should make sure that every insight is clear to all in the meeting. Who is a team facilitator in Agile and what exactly is agile team facilitation? Agile Coaching Build the key skills needed to lead and effectively facilitate, coach, mentor, and teach agile teams. Now that you’re aware of the roles of Scrum master and product coach in Agile, you’ll be interested to know about the role of Agile team facilitator, or ATF.

agile team facilitator

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This starts with understanding the purpose and expected outcomes of the various team events. A flow must be created to achieve those goals and ensure participation. This course provides the essential team facilitation skills needed to lead teams towards greater agility.

agile team facilitator

You will understand what Facilitation is and how to carry it out correctly. What is the value that the meeting participants obtain, and how does it differ from the traditional conduction of meetings. Plan, prepare, and design a facilitated session, applying the appropriate methods and processes and developing the session materials. A great Scrum Master is aware of them and knows when and how to apply them, depending on situation and context. Everything with the purpose of helping people understand and apply the Scrum framework better. Inadequate collaboration between team members and bureaucratic procedures can lead to poor outcomes and meltdowns.

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They don’t have to be experts in the subject matter, but they should be able to keep attendees engaged, lead conversations and discussions, and detect and address problems while conducting a productive meeting. This way, teams can come up with their own ideas instead of expecting to be told what to do. Narrow down the agenda of the meeting to only those items which are most important. However, they must make sure that the environment is such that the individual is at comfort. Through this, the team members will be able to speak when they have something to say without forcing them. You’ll need to actively participate in a live class to earn this certification.

The Facilitation Mindset

It helps with the effective collection, organizing, and rationalization of ideas. This will be possible even if a facilitator gets ideas from many participants. A facilitator should encourage all team members to actively engage and contribute in meetings, according to participants’ individual comfort levels. This includes creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere in which group members are willing to share their feelings and opinions.

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An ATF facilitates participation, collaboration, and engagement from the team. Since Agile is more about a mindset and change in culture, Agile Team Facilitation is about bringing in that change. Agile team facilitation is the process of leading and guiding an Agile team to achieve its goals and objectives.

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This goes far beyond standard agile practices and it can be a tricky task to play little part in the meeting, but still guide it in the right direction. One of the essential skills for the Agile Team Facilitator is helping teams identify and achieve common objectives. The ATF facilitates the team events to ensure they are productive and move the team forward.

agile team facilitator