Cuban Wedding Traditions

With a rich background filled with a mixture of many different civilizations, Barrica is no exception when it comes to wedding traditions. Whether you are planning your own big day, or perhaps curious about the ways in which different cultures celebrate love, there is plenty to take in in terms of cuban marriage traditions.

Like most Latin weddings, music is a huge the main day. It is not necessarily uncommon to hear a variety of genres such as salsa and rumba played by a wedding. Different traditions may include a money flow which sees the wedding ceremony party and guests lavishing cash for the bride and groom because they dance. This is sometimes a very fun and memorable moment, and a great way to get couples to aid pay for their big day.

The bride also is likely to throw her bouquet throughout the reception as a symbol of good chance for those who catch that. In addition to this, the couple will usually reveal a oneness candle during the ceremony.

It is not rare for the couple to give each of their guests a tiny treat as a thank you for attending their special day. Often this is as handmade products such as Spanish hand admirers, or even art. If the finances enables, couples could also give out more costly gifts meet cuban girls such as pipes.

Of course , zero wedding will be complete with no delicious feast! Typically there will be dishes such as roast pork and black beans, sweet plantains and yuca fritters served to the friends.